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TweetStorm: Slow bitcoin Core Development is a Good Thing

Originally Tweeted on July 2, 2014

1/ another @pmarca tweetstorm #bitcoin slow bitcoin core development is a good thing

2/ #bitcoin software changes to the bitcoin core protocol should be made slowly

3/ #bitcoin it is not possible to truly test the security of software until it is used and attacked

4/ #bitcoin security of bitcoin core is paramount the software is the new “bank in your pocket (@gavinandresen)”

5/ #bitcoin if you are running a company that uses the bitcoin core protocol you should pay (something/somehow) to support it

6/ #bitcoin joining the #bitcoinfoundation indirectly supports payment of bitcoin core developers, a good thing

7/ #bitcoin recent effort to replace #bitcoinfoundation is misguided but the funding is a good thing http://bitcoinmagazine.com/14678/bitcoin-millionaire-announces-winner-100k-bounty/

8/ #bitcoin however lack of funding of core developers is a problem and significant risk to the Bitcoin ecosystem

9/ #bitcoin any effort to increase funding of core developers is a good thing

10/ #endtweetstorm #bitcoin www.bitcoininplainenglish.com

11/ #reallytheendtweetstorm ;-) http://bitcoinmagazine.com/author/sandy-ressler/