Welcome to Bitcoin in Plain English

If you’re like me you are fascinated with bitcoin, the currency, and Bitcoin the system. The goal of this blog is to make bitcoin, which can get comlicated, understandable. I’ll be posting short pieces that explain all of the varies pieces of Bitcoin in simple, understandable language with no jargon, or as little as possible. Bitcoin is where the Internet meets money and is transforming many of our concepts of finance and contracts. It’s fun too!

I hope you enjoy. My name’s Sandy Ressler and I’m just a Bitcoin enthusiast having gotten into bitcoin in early 2013.  Yes I’m kind of a newbie. I’m a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Education Committee, just for the fun of it and spend lots of my free time thinking about this stuff, yes I’m a geek through and through. I hope to help make Bitcoin more accessible and understandable, let me know what you think, via the comments (be gentle)!